Instructional Focus 2015 – 2016

At PS 354 we believe that children learn best and teachers teach best when in an environment that is fully supportive of their social, emotional and academic developmental needs and when they feel safe enough to take academic and instructional risks. This supportive environment encourages students to engage in activities that promote interactions in partnerships and small groups.

This year our school-wide focus will be placed on the use of ongoing formative assessments to inform evidence of learning to ensure individualized instruction.  Targeted questions that are designed to meet individual student needs will encourage educational arguments based on texts and other supporting evidence. Learning will be differentiated to address individual student misunderstandings.  Teachers will lead students to skill and content mastery through critical thinking and analytical skills by way of project-based learning experiences that promote student to student collaboration, investigation, guided exploration and active problem solving that is designed to support students in the development of creative solutions to real world situations.

The shared practices of both staff and students will encompass strategic questioning, thoughtful and responsible discussion; and reflection through writing, checklists and rubrics. We will share this progress to parents on an on-going basis and support them in engaging their children at home to strengthen these practices.